About NCapture

NCapture for Internet Explorer

NCapture is a free web browser extension that enables users to gather material from the web to import into NVivo for Windows or NVivo for Mac.

NCapture is currently available for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

What is NCapture?

The NCapture web browser extension enables users to gather material from the web to import into NVivo. NCapture for Internet Explorer is currently available for Internet Explorer 11.

With NCapture, users can capture web pages, online PDFs or social media content—for example, from Facebook and Twitter. NCapture creates a file for each capture. Users can then import the captured content into NVivo.

To import NCapture files into their NVivo projects, users need one of the following:

  • NVivo 12 (Windows), NVivo 11 (Windows), NVivo 10 (Windows)

  • NVivo 12 Mac, NVivo for Mac (Version 11, Version 10.1 or later*)

*Some capture types are not supported.

More information about NCapture is available in the NCapture Help.

Installing NCapture

If you install  NVivo 12 (Windows) (or NVivo 11 (Windows) or NVivo 10 (Windows)) using the Wizard, you can optionally install NCapture for Internet Explorer. You can also install NCapture separately. Users do not need to have NVivo installed on their computer in order to capture content using NCapture.

For information on installing NCapture, refer to NCapture for Internet Explorer.

Keeping NCapture up to date

NCapture is updated regularly to keep pace with changes to web browsers and social media sites.

NCapture may also be updated when a new version of service pack of NVivo is released. It is important to update NCapture when you upgrade your NVivo software.

NCapture for Internet Explorer notifies users when an update is available. We recommend that users update the software as soon as a new version is available. Users without administrator privileges will need you to assist them with the update—refer to Updating NCapture for Internet Explorer for more information.