About NVivo

NVivo Mac (Release 1.0)

What is NVivo Mac?

NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) is a native Mac application that lets users organize and analyze unstructured or semi-structured data like interviews, field notes, audio visual material and journal articles. Users can organize their material by topic to uncover trends and emerging themes.

There is also a version of NVivo Windows (Release 1.0). If users want to work across platforms, it is worth considering whether the current release of NVivo for Mac has the features they need. For a detailed comparison of the features currently available on both platforms, refer to the QSR website.

For further information about using NVivo Mac, refer to Other resources.

Compatibility with NVivo Windows (Release 1.0)

NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) projects have a different file format from those created in NVivo Windows (Release 1.0):

  • NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) (.nvp)

  • NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) (.nvpx)

All conversion between formats must be done using NVivo Windows (Release 1.0).

Refer to Compatibility with other QSR software for more information about project conversion.