Compatibility with other QSR software

NVivo Mac (Release 1.0)

NVivo Mac provides backward compatibility enabling users to open and work with projects from previous versions.

Compatibility with previous versions of NVivo Mac

NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) allows users to open and work with projects from earlier versions (10, 11 and 12).

NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) and NVivo 12 Mac can be installed on the same computer. However, the two versions of software cannot be run at the same time. If you no longer intend to use the earlier version, we recommend that you uninstall it before installing NVivo Mac (Release 1.0).

NVivo for Mac provides backward compatibility. If a user with a later version of NVivo attempts to open a project produced by an earlier version—for example, a user opens an NVivo 12 Mac project in NVivo Mac (Release 1.0)—the user is prompted to upgrade the project. The original project is not modified; instead a converted copy of the project is created.

NVivo does not provide forward compatibility. The user cannot open a project in an earlier version of the software. For example, if a user wants to open an NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) project, they must have NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) installed.

Compatibility with NVivo Windows

NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) projects have a different file format from those created in NVivo Windows (Release 1.0):

  • NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) (.nvp)

  • NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) (.nvpx)

All conversion between formats must be done using NVivo Windows (Release 1.0).

For more information refer to Compatibility with other QSR software.

Compatibility with NCapture

NCapture is a free web browser extension that enables users to gather material from the web. Users can collect web pages as well as content from social media sites—for example, Facebook and Twitter.

Each time a user captures a web page with NCapture, a new NCapture file (.nvcx) is created with content and metadata from the web page. Users can import NCapture files into their NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) projects.

You can install NCapture from the Chrome Web Store.

For more information, refer to About NCapture (NCapture for Chrome).