Compatibility with other QSR software

NVivo Windows (Release 1.0)

NVivo provides backward compatibility enabling users to open and work with projects from previous versions.

Compatibility with previous versions of NVivo

NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) allow users to open and work with projects from previous versions of QSR software: NVivo 12, NVivo 11, NVivo 10, NVivo 9, NVivo 8, NVivo 7, NVivo 2, NVivo 1, N6 (NUD*IST 6), N5 and N4.

These previous versions can continue to operate on the same computer as NVivo Windows (Release 1.0).

NVivo provides backward compatibility—if a user with a later version of NVivo attempts to open a project in an earlier format (for example, a user opens an NVivo 12 (Windows) project in NVivo Windows (Release 1.0)), the user is prompted to convert the project to the later format. The original project is not modified; instead a converted copy of the project is created.

NVivo does not provide forward compatibility—the user cannot open a project with a later format. For example, if a user wants to open an NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) project, they must have NVivo Windows (Release 1.0), or later, installed.

Compatibility with NVivo for Mac

NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) projects have a different file format from those created in NVivo Windows (Release 1.0):

  • NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) (.nvp)
  • NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) (.nvpx)

All conversion between formats must be done using NVivo Windows (Release 1.0).

Project conversion can take a long time depending on the number of documents and PDFs and the amount of coding. We are working on compatible project file formats in the future that will not require conversion.

Users cannot open an NVivo Windows project (.nvp) in NVivo Mac software—they need to convert it to the NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) format first. They can do this using the ‘copy project’ feature in NVivo Windows (Release 1.0). They can also export selected items to a new NVivo Mac project.

Users can open an NVivo Mac (Release 1.0) project (.nvpx) in NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) and it will be converted into the NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) format. Alternatively, they can also import the content from an NVivo for Mac project into an NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) project.

The Windows-Mac Project Converter is downloaded and installed automatically the first time the user does a project conversion to or from NVivo for Mac format. The download is approximately 200 MB and may take a few minutes depending on the speed of the internet connection. Alternatively, you can download and install the project converter through an unattended command line installation.


NVivo for Mac has a different set of features than NVivo Windows. If users convert their NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) project and access it on the Mac, they may not be able to work with all their project items. For a detailed comparison of the features available on both platforms, refer to the QSR website.

While it is possible to work with a project on both Windows and Mac (cross-platform), we recommend that users work with their projects on a single platform. We recommend that users working in teams use the same version of the software (and do not work cross-platform).

For information on cross-platform limitations and issues, refer to Work with your projects on Windows or Mac in the NVivo for Mac Help.

Compatibility with NVivo Collaboration Server

NVivo Collaboration Server enables multiple users to access and work on centrally stored NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) projects. NVivo Collaboration Server is also capable of hosting NVivo 12, NVivo 11, and NVivo 10 projects.

NVivo Windows interoperates with NVivo Collaboration Server. Users with NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) client software can connect to NVivo Collaboration Server and can:

  • create or open NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) projects on that server

  • copy NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) projects to and from that server

  • convert an NVivo 12 (Windows) project on that server to an NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) project

All users, who are working together in a shared project, should be using the same version of the NVivo client.

Compatibility with NCapture

NCapture is a free web browser extension that enables users to gather material from the web. Users can collect web pages as well as content from social media sites—for example, Facebook and Twitter.

Each time a user captures a web page with NCapture, a new NCapture file (.nvcx) is created with content and metadata from the web page. Users can import NCapture files into their NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) projects.

NCapture is included as part of the installation for NVivo Windows (Release 1.0). You can also download and install NCapture separately.

NCapture is updated regularly to keep pace with changes to web browsers an social media sites. NCapture may also be updated when a new version of  NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) is released. If you upgrade with a service pack of NVivo Windows (Release 1.0), you should also update NCapture at the same time.

You do not need to have NVivo installed on the computer in order to use NCapture—for example, a user (who does not have NVivo) can use NCapture go gather web content and send the NCapture files (.nvcx) to another user who has NVivo Windows (Release 1.0).