Manage user access

NVivo Server 10

Understand how users access server projects

Before users can access projects on NVivo Server, you need to add them to the appropriate server user groups. Users access the NVivo server using either of the following:

  • Their current Windows domain account (using integrated Windows authentication).

  • A nominated Windows account on the server or a domain to which the server belongs.

As server administrator, you control access to the server by assigning users to server user groups—these groups control what the group members can do on the server.  You can assign the following roles:

  • Users—can connect to the server and access server projects

  • Project Creators—can connect to the server and are allowed to create new server projects

  • Administrators—have access to license allocation, user groups and other server management tools via the NVivo Server Manager

The server administrator does not control access to specific projects—this is controlled by Project Owners, who can add users to project user groups from within the NVivo client—refer to the NVivo client Help for more information.

When adding users to server groups, consider the following:

  • You must add at least one user account or group to the Project Creators group.

  • The server administrator defined during install is automatically added to the Server Administrators group. This group must contain at least one user account or group.

  • User accounts must be either local Windows accounts on the server, or Active Directory user accounts in the same domain as NVivo Server.

If you experience difficulty adding users to a server group, check the server configuration:

  • Make sure Network Discovery is turned on.

  • Make sure that NVivo Server and NVivo clients are on the same subnet as the domain controller.

  • If the server is configured to use a static IP, then check that NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled.

  • Make sure the Computer Browser service is started.

Assist users who cannot access server projects

If a user is having trouble opening a server project, check that:

  • The user account exists on the server machine or domain.

  • The user has been added to either the Users or Project Creators server user group in NVivo Server Manager—refer to the NVivo Server Help for more information.

  • An NVivo Server license has been activated in NVivo Server Manager.

  • Sufficient Client Access Licenses (CALs) have been made in available in NVivo Server Manager to support named or concurrent user access.

  • The user has a valid server connection—this is defined in the NVivo client Application Options—refer to NVivo client Help for more information..

  • The user is logging on using the correct user account.

  • A Project Owner has added the user to a project user group (Project Owners, Contributors or Readers), or Guest access to the project is enabled. Ask the Project Owner to confirm this. You can find the Project Owners for the project via NVivo Server Manager. If Project Owners are unavailable, you may need to add a Project Owner—refer to the NVivo Server Help for more information.

  • The project format is compatible with the NVivo client software installed on the user’s computer—for example, if the user wants to open an NVivo 10 for Windows project, they must have NVivo 10 for Windows installed.

  • The user is attempting to connect from the NVivo 10 for Windows or NVivo 9 client software (connections from NVivo 10 for Mac are not supported).