Migrate NVivo Server (or server projects)

NVivo Server 11 R2

This topic explains how you can migrate server projects to another location—for example, you may want to relocate projects to another disk drive on the server. If you are decommissioning a server, you can migrate the server projects and NVivo Server itself to another server.

Migrate server projects

You can migrate server project databases to a location on the same server or to a different server using SQL Server Management Studio. If you are migrating projects to a different server, make sure that destination server is running the same version or later of NVivo Server.

You might want to migrate projects, if you are decommissioning a server or migrating your system to another server. You can refer to the following MSDN articles:


Migrate NVivo Server from one server to another

To migrate NVivo Server from one server to another:

  1. Deactivate active licenses:

  1. In NVivo Server Manager, click the Licensing tab.

  2. On the left, click the Licenses tab.

  3. Click Deactivate for each license key.

  1. Install NVivo Server on the new server

  2. Activate the installation license key (and add and activate any supplementary license keys).

  3. Add users to server user groups.