NVivo and Qualtrics

NVivo Windows (Release 1.0)

NVivo Windows (Release 1.0) uses the Qualtrics REST API to interface with Qualtrics, allowing users to import Qualtrics surveys directly into NVivo.

Depending on your site’s Qualtrics licence and how Qualtrics is configured at your site, you may need to enable your users to be able to generate an API Token for their Qualtrics account.

NOTE: NVivo does not store Qualtrics credentials anywhere in the project, nor elsewhere on disk; and the API Token is cleared from runtime memory when the NVivo session ends.

How NVivo authenticates Qualtrics users

To import Qualtrics surveys into NVivo, NVivo needs to authenticate a user’s Qualtrics account.


The way your users authorize NVivo to access their Qualtrics data will depend on your site’s Qualtrics account, and how your site is configured.

Email and password

Users may be able to authenticate their Qualtrics account in NVivo using their Qualtrics credentials.

API Token

This authentication method works for Qualtrics account types that have access to the REST API.

Users can find their API Token by logging in to the Qualtrics website and accessing their account settings.

NOTE  Authentication is valid per NVivo session. If NVivo is closed and reopened, the username and password (or API Token) will need to be entered again to access Qualtrics.

Access to the Qualtrics API

Not every Qualtrics account allows API access.

Qualtrics accounts that do allow API access may not have an API Token by default. Users with these types of accounts can generate their own API Token but may need to contact Qualtrics to enable this option.

If you are administering a site/enterprise licence, please contact your Qualtrics representative to enquire if API access is available.

If the Generate Token button is not available in your users’ Qualtrics account settings, contact your Qualtrics representative.

Workaround for bringing Qualtrics surveys into NVivo

If your users can’t authorize NVivo to access their Qualtrics account, they can import their Qualtrics surveys into NVivo manually—by exporting them from Qualtrics in CSV format and importing into NVivo as a spreadsheet or text file.