About NVivo Collaboration Cloud

NVivo Collaboration Cloud

NVivo Collaboration Cloud is an add-on for NVivo designed to facilitate teamwork.


NVivo Collaboration Cloud is an add-in for NVivo to facilitate teamwork. It is a subscription service that can be purchased in addition to an NVivo license. An internet connection is required to upload and download project files, but projects can be worked on offline.


NVivo Collaboration is compatible with the following versions of NVivo:

  • NVivo Windows (Release 1.0)

  • NVivo Mac (Release 1.0)


All collaborators must be using the same version of NVivo. It is not possible to work cross-platform with NVivo Collaboration Cloud.


If you are the administrator for an enterprise account, please see the ELA administrator help for information on inviting users to NVivo Collaboration Cloud.