Release notes

NVivo Server 11 R2

For information about known issues in this software, refer to the FAQs section of the QSR website.

What's new in NVivo Server 11 R2

Enhanced security

A number of security enhancements have been introduced following changes in security best practice. For example, NVivo Server now supports SSL encryption for internal communication. You can choose to connect to NVivo Server using your own security certificate and https:// connections. This ensures a secure connection between NVivo Server and NVivo Server Manager.

Easier to install and upgrade

The installer now automates some processes that were previously manual, such as configuring roles and services.

When upgrading, you can now upgrade directly rather than installing the new version of NVivo Server and having to restore NVivo projects.

General updates
  • SQL Server 2014 SP2  is installed as the database component.

What's new in NVivo Server 11

This release of the software provides the following enhancements:

  • Supports connections from NVivo 12 (Windows) clients

  • SQL Server 2014 is installed as the database component

  • Licensing is now based only on the number of ‘client access licenses’ (CALs) that you require (you do not require processor or CPU licenses)