Why can I no longer buy NVivo Pro or NVivo Plus?

With the inclusion of even more features and functionality than ever before, autocoding and social network analysis are the new, standard offering for NVivo on Microsoft® Windows®. This means that there are no longer NVivo Pro and NVivo Plus editions.

Is there only one version of NVivo going forward?

Yes, there is only one version of NVivo but you need to specify the operating system you would like to run it on – Microsoft® Windows® or Apple® Mac OS®. Additional modules available to purchase by those who need them. This ensures you are accessing what you need and provides a way for us to […]

Are there student licenses available?

Yes, NVivo is available as a 12-month student license. This licence will be available for Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® Mac OS® and will include a subscription to NVivo-Office integration for the first 12 months. Students can purchase Collaboration Cloud or NVivo Transcription as additional modules as needed.