Will NVivo be available in languages other than English?

Both Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® Mac OS® versions of NVivo are available in English. However, you can work with data sources in virtually any language. We expect to release localized versions of NVivo in approximately May 2020. This include Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese both Microsoft® Windows® and Spanish, French, German and […]

What is NVivo for Teams now called?

NVivo for Teams is now called NVivo Collaboration Server. QSR recommends Collaboration Server for on-premise installations and NVivo Collaboration Cloud for teams working online.

Are there any tips for installing NVivo for Windows?

NVivo 12 for Windows and NVivo 11 for Windows are extremely powerful software programs. This is due in part to their use of the database component Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition, which is installed as part of the NVivo installation process. Like any software, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition has its own required […]

Are previous versions of NVivo forward compatible?

Projects created in older versions of NVivo can be opened and worked with in newer versions of NVivo. Projects from older versions that are opened in newer versions of NVivo will be updated to the newer NVivo’s project format automatically. Please note however that projects created in newer versions of NVivo cannot be opened in […]