Will there be an advanced learning options for NVivo?

The Core Skills is a User Certified course which builds on the Getting Started videos and ensures everyone is proficient at using the key functionalities of the new NVivo. In listening to our customers, we will be offering standalone and customized learning modules that focus on a deeper knowledge of the application. We aim for […]

Do I have access to the courses for free because I upgraded NVivo?

If you have worked with NVivo 11 and 12, you will notice that we’ve made many functional and interface improvements for the latest release of NVivo. We recommend pre-registering for new NVivo courses, attending/watching the webinars, book and onsite or virtual coaching session. Please contact our team at: training@qsrinternational.com.

Can customers purchase courses for the new NVivo?

The NVivo Core Skills online course for Apple® Mac OS® and Microsoft® Windows® will be available in May 2020. So please email the team at training@qsrinternational.com to pre-register for this course. Free live and recorded webinars will be hosted in the meantime. Please also contact training@qsrinternational.com to book virtual coaching or onsite workshops for NVivo.

Are there any free learning journeys for existing enterprise license customers for NVivo?

Customers who have training coupons or codes as part of their license agreements have the option to utilise their coupons for NVivo Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® Mac OS® courses once they are available. Please contact our team at: training@qsrinternational.com to pre-register for the new NVivo Apple® Mac OS® and Microsoft® Windows® Core Skills courses.