If you hold a current NVivo 11 for Windows Pro or Plus Edition license key, you can download and use NVivo for Mac at no extra charge for the duration of your license. However, if you hold an NVivo for Mac license key, you cannot use this license to install and use NVivo 11 for Windows.

NVivo for Mac projects have a different file format from those created in NVivo 11 for Windows:

  • NVivo 11 for Windows (.nvp) – e.g. MyProject.nvp
  • NVivo for Mac (.nvpx) – e.g. MyProject.nvpx

With NVivo 11 for Windows you can use the ‘Copy Project’ feature to convert your NVivo for Windows projects to NVivo for Mac projects. Before converting any projects, we recommend you backup your project* and also understand the cross platform limitations and issues as all data may not successfully convert due to limitations between interchange of data between operating systems.

The Windows-Mac Project Converter is downloaded and installed automatically the first time you do a project conversion to or from NVivo for Mac format. The download is approximately 185 MB and may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Download the latest service pack for NVivo 11 for Windows

More information on working with your NVivo projects on Mac and Windows

* To learn how to backup your project go to FAQs > General How do I move or back up a project in NVivo for Windows?