These messages normally indicate that Microsoft SQL Server (NVivo’s database component) has experienced a problem.

Note: If NVivo has never worked on this computer since installation, see instructions on how to resolve this issue by referring to this FAQ: How do I resolve ‘No standalone Connection’ error? OR Why am I getting a prompt for a ‘Connection name’ when I create a project?

If you are receiving one of the above error messages but are not seeing the option to start the ‘NVivo Installation Repair’ wizard, you are not on the latest version of NVivo 10 (Service Pack 6). The latest version of Nvivo 10 will automatically try to repair this issue. So we recommend that you please download NVivo 10 Service Pack 6 and install it.

After installing the service pack, please try to open your project file again by double clicking on the project file (.nvp file). You will now be presented with the ‘NVivo Installation Repair’ wizard. The wizard will attempt to fix your installation problems automatically. It is recommended you click on Troubleshoot problems and follow the prompts given to you.

If you are unable to install the latest version of NVivo 10 at this time, please first restart your computer to resolve one of the above error messages. If restarting your computer does not resolve the issue, then depending on your operating system, please download the appropriate document from the links below for instructions to resolve the issue:

If you are not comfortable carrying out the steps outlined in the above links, or are unsure on how to get administrative privileges, please contact your IT department for assistance.