A sample project is provided with NVivo software. The sample project demonstrates many of the key features of NVivo and includes examples of the different types of source materials that you can bring into NVivo – documents, datasets, audio, video and picture sources.

NOTE: NVivo 12 Plus Windows and NVivo 11 Plus for Windows users have an additional Automated Insight Sample Project available.

How to access the sample project:

Already used the sample project and want a fresh copy?

If you have made changes to the sample project that was installed with your software and want a ‘fresh copy’ you can download it using the links below.

Note: Make sure you choose the project that matches your version of NVivo, because projects are not ‘backward compatible’ (for example, you can’t open NVivo 10 for Windows projects in NVivo 9.2). To check which version of NVivo you’re using – click File > Help > About NVivo.