While working on a project file which is located in the ‘Dropbox’ folder on your computer, it is recommended you temporarily pause Dropbox synching. For instructions on how to pause and resume Dropbox synchronization, please refer to the link below:


Background: When you save a NVivo project file, Dropbox immediately attempts to synchronize these changes to the project file which is stored within the Dropbox network/cloud. However, Dropbox is unable to access the project file because NVivo has exclusive access to the file while the project is open in NVivo. This can cause problems and occasionally NVivo may crash.

Also, if you are using Dropbox to share your project or to work with others, you may have conflicted copies of your project file in the Dropbox folder. This usually happens if one person’s changes to the NVivo project file were not synchronized back to Dropbox before the second person’s changes were synchronized. For more information about conflicted copies in Dropbox folder, please refer to the link below:


The guidelines provided above also apply to other cloud storage providers like Google Drive, SugarSync, Box.net etc. Please check the relevant provider’s website for instructions on how to pause and resume synchronization.