NVivo for Mac does not support opening projects directly from a network drive. NVivo for Mac supports opening projects from external USB Drives that are formatted with the use of:

  • Mac OS Extended file system OR
  • Filesystem AppleFS

If you are opening files from a network drive or external drives that are not formatted with the above file systems, you will need to copy the project to your local disk first.

To copy your project from the network drive to your local disk, please perform the following steps:

  1. Open the network location in Finder
  2. Copy your project file. (nvpx file)
  3. Navigate to a folder on your local computer, such as Desktop or Documents
  4. Paste the copied file

You can now open the project from the location to which you pasted it. Once you have finished using NVivo for Mac, save the project, close NVivo for Mac, and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the folder in which the NVivo for Mac project is stored
  2. Copy your project file. (nvpx file)
  3. Navigate to your network drive
  4. Paste the copied file

Your project has now been copied from your local disk to the network drive or external drive.