There are many technologies used to generate and present web content in your web browser. In most cases, NCapture and NVivo are able to capture and very closely represent this data. However, in some cases the captured data and layout will be different to how it appears in your web browser.

Please refer to the below table to see some scenarios when the imported social media data may look different in NVivo:


  1. I captured a Facebook Group Wall Photo Album, but when I import into NVivo the dataset is empty. Description: NCapture cannot access this data through the Facebook API.
  2. Some Twitter Tweets are truncated. Description: Tweets cannot exceed 140 characters. When you capture Retweets, ‘RT @username’ is added at the beginning of the Tweet. After the Retweet information is added, if the Tweet exceeds the 280 character limit, characters at the end are truncated.
  3. I captured the “Top” Tweets on Twitter, but in my dataset I get more Tweets than just those displayed on the web page. Description: All Tweets are captured, regardless of whether the user is viewing Top Tweets or All Tweets. Try filtering the dataset once in NVivo and code only what is important to you or alternatively capture the “Top” Tweets using NCapture as a PDF instead of a Dataset.
  4. I captured a Twitter page as PDF, but some images are missing.OR I captured a Web Page, but some images are missing. Description: Certain web pages load images as required (only when the portion of the web page is viewed for first time). NCapture can only capture images that have been loaded. Try scrolling the content you want to capture into view, to ensure the images are loaded. Then try the capture again.
  5. I captured a web page with a video, but when I import it into NVivo, the video is missing. OR I captured a web page with a scrollable text box, but when I import it into NVivo, the content is missing. Description: NCapture does not support capturing Flash or iframes. Flash or iframe portions of the web page will display as a grey box in NVivo. Other areas of the web page can still be captured, imported and analyzed.
  6. I selected to capture a web page as ‘Article as PDF’ but the preview is missing the first image or all images that were present in the web page. ORI selected to capture a web page as ‘Article as PDF’ but the preview only shows the title and banner images of the web page. Description: Some web pages store page content, such as titles, images and text in non-standard ways. This can result in content not being correctly copied when using the ‘Article as PDF’ option. We suggest using the “Capture Web Page as PDF” option instead for these web pages to ensure you get access to all content.