Unattended command line installation

NCapture for Chrome

This topic describes how you can perform an unattended installation of NCapture for Chrome on Windows using the Windows Installer (MSI) engine.

Check system requirements

Make sure the client machines that you are distributing the software to meet NCapture’s system requirements:

  • Google Chrome 44 or later.

Installing NCapture for Chrome

To install NCapture for Chrome on a Windows computer via the command line, you need to access the installer from the QSR website.

  1. Download the latest version of NCapture.

  2. Go to the command line prompt.

  3. Install NCapture for Chrome using the following command line:

NCapture.Chrome.exe /v”/qb”

NOTE  Chrome automatically disables extensions that have not been installed through the Chrome Web Store. You may need to assist your users with enabling NCapture.